icloud password recovery (script and tutorial)


icloud password recovery (script and tutorial)

activation lock remove and bypass


This trick is from smokin.rocks i did not try or confirm , for this you will need “victims email”, you can try find it with the lock crash (112) method, then look into facetime app for original email . See the video for how to get icloud email device ( VIDEO ) this trick only works in IOS 7, > 7.1.2 if you have ios 8 u can use the DNS method to get your owner email. ( SEE HERE ) 

This  is a ( Hacking or phishing ) method,  what this script do is send a fake email to the victims ( previous email owner ) that looks like original apple email for verify the email (login into apple) and redirect the fake veryfication back to your email , in teory this could work but i looks to risky , But this is not bypass this is hacking email account. Do it at your own risk . icloud password recovery script and tutorial

icloud password recovery (script/tutorial)

  • step 1:make sure you have victims email (first/last name helps)
  • step 2: trype a very credible apple email content (you can check online some good  oficial information)
  • step 3:edit text editor and edit with victims information, then copy code
  • step 4:open mail faker mailfaker.pw
  • step 5:fill in email faker form
  • step 6:Victim: enter your email the device is locked to
  • step 7:Subject: enter (Verify your Apple ID)
  • step 8:Contents: paste the code/script
  • step 9:Faker: enter email (support@apple.com)



creditis and Info @TahMrs

icloud password-recovery (script and tutorial) – activation lock remove and bypass