iCloud DNS bypass

iCloud DNS bypass One of the most popular bypass alternative to proxy method is this DNS method , Almost perfect, with just html base platform we can have many features to run on ower locked devices. with this you can have more activity in your idevice then ever . Take photos, Make videos, Play games…

iphone 4 unlock bypass carrier

Iphone 4 with working carrier

Iphone 4 with working carrier To unlock iphone 4 only now you can also have carrier, signal , and here you can find all information step by step to do it. Most of people can not do it because this method only works on this locked iphones. Windows Soft DOWNLOAD TOOLS IP4     IMPORTANT NOTE…

imazing restore and activate icloud on your iphone

imazing restore and activate icloud on your iphone This new ideia is about copy files from a unlocked device to other locked device , looks simple ? but its not, this is just a concept i didnt try yet but a Korean hacker is working on leek if your locked device is jailbreak here is what…

idevicerestore without itunes

idevicerstore tool to restore iphone ipad without itunes This is a great tool and could be one future solution for remove icloud from your idevice using this strong platform linux. If you want try linux potencial in idevices world here is one software you should try restore your iphone ipad, ipod without itunes using idevicerstore, this…

How to get activation info XML

How to get activation info XML How to get activation info XML for unlock activation icloud You must have fiddler soft. first open itunes then fiddler software connect your device and active htmls files at settings. Please make sure you select https decrypt in fiddler setting when you connect your iphone, ipad or ipod to itunes you will see in…

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