iOS 8 bug allows hackers to crash iPhones

iOS 8 bug allows hackers to crash iPhones

iOS 8 bug allows hackers to crash iPhones. New bug found on ios8, this time its a crash over wifi and can be done via wifi. Developers have found and show that’s possible for hack and crash any iPhone, iPod over Wi-Fi, this is a new fail in iOS 8. In some cases, devices can be forced into a boot-loop,…


Forget Passcode iphone 4

You forget iphone 4 passcode use this soft and remove the 4 digits code Iphone 4 its one of the most ios devices most hacked today we going to share this amazing software to bypass password or even find your 4 digits code works in ios 7.1.2 , you can use this software with windows version…

iPower Adaptor to use with MFC Dongle unlock Apple iPhone IOS8

iPower Adaptor to use with MFC Dongle is needed if you need to unlock Apple iPhone IOS 8.x.x devices. What is the smart phone passcode unlock dongle? if your idevice is passcode locked only , there is online a new method to bypass original passcode. This seems home made electronic set with MFC Dongle, similar to…

hardware method icloud bypass Ipad 3G models ios 8.2

If you still have your ipad 3g locked to icloud and updated to ios 8.2 latest firmware , we can confirm the hardware method still works in all models GSM 4G, this method is known because can bypass icloud with electronic equipment , hot iron and the right resister. already made a tutorial long time…

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