Recover iPhone 5c Passcode

Recover iPhone 5c Passcode If you remember the FBI story about  the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone, and how the Federal Bureau of Investigation maintained that they couldn’t Recover iPhone 5c Passcode, the encryption key without Apple providing them with a backdoor? Apple refuse and many of us computer-security experts said that they were wrong, and there were many…


libimobiledevice idevicerestore compatible iphone 7

libimobiledevice  idevicerestore compatible iphone 7  libimobiledevice have been updated to be compatible with new version ios 10 and new iphone kernel version for iphone iPhone9,1 + iPhone9,2 devices. Iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus 64bits kernel version is now possible to restore ipsw firmware without itunes. you can download the files for libimobildedevice . Nikias Bassen one of developers of libimobiledevice sad on twitter, My…


iPhone 7 wins iPhone 6S drop test

iPhone 7 wins iPhone 6S drop test iPhone 7 vs 6S Drop Test! Apple seems to have improved the durability of the iPhone 7 compared to the iPhone 6s. At least that’s what a video produced by EverythingApplePro shows through endurance tests. In a drop test, the iPhone 7 did very well. Even after a…


Apple release iOS 10 public

Apple release iOS 10 public download ipsw and restore with iTunes for clean installation UPDATE: If the OTA update broke your device, go to https://ipsw.me  and try installing the IPSW using iTunes! Apple announced on his last event iOS 10 Final Version, will be released today 13 September. This release must be imminent for all iDevices except the older devices. This…

Restrictions Passcode Recover

How to find Retrieve Restrictions Passcode

How to find Retrieve Restrictions Passcode on all iPhones and iDevices if you try to reset iPhone restrictions passcode or Recovering Restrictions Passcode you must follow this method. works on all iDevices and all iOS versions supported! This works using the backup of your iDevice.  The most easy method is using itunes backup go here if…

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