save your blobs iphone

save your blobs directely from your iphone jailbreak tweak

Save your blobs directly from your iPhone jailbreak tweak What is nullpixel’s TSSSaver? allows you to save your blobs directly from and to the iDevice, like jailbroken iphone ipad ipod, with one tap. similar to the web browser the app requires no additional issues. Just download the app, it will automatically save request or fetch the…

icloud bypass concept video Usta

icloud bypass concept video Usta

icloud bypass concept video Usta. New video for icloud unlock / bypass IOS 10.2.1 There is a new video about icloud bypass its interested, this method is with windows software to bypass iphone 5S activation screen. In this case we con see a locked iphone using ios 10.2.1 being bypass. Theres no confirmation that this…

google assistent iphone app

Google Assistant comes to iPhone

At Google forum 2017, many new features were presented and will come in the next google update with the new intelligent assistant. Most importantly: iPhone compatibility. But you can also use the camera, type to it, control your iphone ipad, ipod and most incredible your smartwatch the apple watch. Google wants the Assistant to be in your home,…

improve you iPhone Battery Life

How improve you iPhone Battery Life

How improve you iPhone Battery Life. If you ask for yourself why high tech device and so expensive can’t be better when we are talking about power supply like the internal battery. the worse thing on mobile applications and hardware is the online connections, most of the battery life goes to this apps integration. we…

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