3 easy methods to Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes

From the very first smartphone that I have used, I’ve hopped back and forth between iOS and Android phones many times and I’m sure you some of you guys have switched between iOS and Android too, so here we will show you the 3 easy methods to Factory Reset iPhone and transfer your data without iTunes. Now that the iPhone X, XS, and XS max is out many of us want to try that bezel-less iPhone and talk new emoji but one thing that’s most annoying while switching between these platforms is moving all your data. Of course, there are official apps and settings to do so but does be real you will end up with losing most of your data.

I have been in that situation many times and I recently came across with this 3 new software, app pretty much solves the switching problem. The good thing about this apps is it has support for both Windows and Mac and lets you manage almost anything of your iPhone from shooting to iPhone to even managing your media.

I really like the simple and intuitive platforms of these apps with these tabs at the top for different modes and a status bar showing the storage left on your devices. The highlight of this apps is a feature called iOS mover which makes switching to iPhone really easy. It lets you transform most types of Android data to your iOS and there is no need to reset your iPhone and open the airplane mode on Android. When you remove your data first connect both your devices and choose iOS mover then you can turn on the USB debugging on your Android the app itself will guide you on how to do so. Then you’ll have the app installed on your Android and it will transfer all your data to your new iPhone, the contacts and emails are perfectly synced all the other data likes photos and videos are converted automatically to new support the format and transfer to the respective app which makes things very convenient moving almost everything. Transfer data to your new iPhone has never been this easier moving on. Another great tool of this apps is syncing your music to your iPhone or copy music from the iPhone which most of the Apple users are familiar with.

It’s really frustrating to sync your music from the iTunes with all the restrictions like device authorization iCloud ID and many more you can use this app to simply copy music to your phone without any restrictions. If you have music on your phone you can use it to copy to your computer as well additionally it also helps you manage your iPhone backups and comes with a lot of features like merge to two iOS devices copy contents to Mac add contents to your device user device as a portable storage and even clone devices making two iPhones identical I had to mention each of these features as each of these tools can really come in handy moreover.

With this free software, you can also restore to Factory your iPhone without iTunes, in just simple steps including you can restore without losing iphone firmware. Imagine you are on ios 11.3.1 and want to keep this firmware for jailbreak propose, but you need to delete all data and start your device as a new device. so follow this steps:


1- 3utools itunes alternative:


3 easy methods to Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes

2 – iTOOLS Alternative iTunes:


3 easy methods to Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes

3 – AnyTrans itunes alternative


3 easy methods to Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes

3 easy methods to Factory Reset iPhone without iTunes

You can even manage your iCloud contents too and download the media from famous sites as well. So, all in all, it is a great tool for you as well as old iOS devices it has many options that are not available on the iTunes and it is somewhat even better than iTunes.  please check out this free software and download this apps for free and let me know in the comments section if this app has helped you in any way I will be coming up with similar contents related to iOS as soon as I get my hands on the new iPhone XS MAX stay tuned and thank follow my blog.

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