3 ways to repair iphone Black screen

You have a iPhone or perhaps you have iPhone x and basically your display is not working or not coming on. it’s just a black screen maybe perhaps you think that your iphone black screen. we going to give you three options right now that you can do and it’s a good chance that your phone will be back up and running .

The first option iphone black repair

You want to hold down the power button or the sleep button here and the home button simultaneously. hold it down one two three seconds simultaneously and wait for the phone turn on black. it’s still not working? THATS OK you want to hold this down until the Apple logo appears once you see a boot up go ahead and let go and wait for it check the video for details. Go through the process and hopefully it goes to your lock screen and then you know that your phone is up and running. That doesn’t work you want to go to option number two for black screen iphone repair.

iphone 6 black screen repair video

The option number two:

So the screen is not working not coming on option number two is this, it’s very similar to the option number one but this time we going to put your device in DFU mode. what you want to do is hold down the power button for three seconds and then hold the home button down.  so you going to hold the power button for three seconds and then press and hold the power button and what I’m going to do is on the hold these two buttons. now continue to hold it until you see the Apple logo appear once it does just go ahead and let go and hopefully it boots up to your lock screen now the thing is with the second method you may have to hold the whole button power button don’t need to hold for more 50 seconds.

The last and final option

repair iphone

is basically your backlight display connector might be dislodged and if that’s the case what you can do is this basically all you want to do is you want to press right where your camera light is what you want to do is you want to press down on here very forcefully just like this all around there really put some pressure into. this will help for most of you as well now this doesn’t work what you may want to do is go ahead and pry your phone open and reconnect that adapter that connects to your backlight display and check this video link where you can see somebody basically taking the phone apart or reconnecting that one connector If the iPhone is frozen and can‘t be restarted in the normal way.

iPhone How to Fix Black Screen Force Restart, Recovery Mode & DFU Mode!

hopefully one of these options work for you if one of these work for you.


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