32bit iOS 10.x downgrade rerestore

32bit iOS 10.x downgrade rerestore


Great news for downgrade your iphone ipad or ipod, 32 bits device, developers successfully managed to use UPDATE blobs with the ReRestore bug (with patches)!  you need to be saved Blobs. for now, only IOS9 is out and working but this bug seems to be much more powerful.

32bit iOS 10.x downgrade rerestore

Download Files Rerestore for downgrade IOS9.x

Note from the developers:

if you have any library erros you need install some lib files : in terminal: brew update; brew upgrade; brew install curl

iDeviceReRestore – A fork of iDeviceRestore modified to make use of an iOS 9.x 32-bit re-restore bug discovered by alitek12

How to check for usable blobs:
git clone https://github.com/iApeiron/savethemblobs.git
cd savethemblobs
./savethemblobs.py (device) (ecid)

./idevicererestore -r (ipsw)

iDeviceReRestore will attempt to fetch blobs from Cydia’s server if it does not see a local blob, as most Cydia blobs are usable for this.

If you have a local blob and it does not work, try fetching from Cydia instead.

If your device never leaves recovery (iTunes and USB cable logo), the blobs iDeviceReRestore is attempting to use are probably not usable for this.

If you are just trying to restore your device normally, please use the original iDeviceRestore (https://github.com/libimobiledevice/idevicerestore).


A Chinese forums made an iDeviceReRestore for Windows. Never tested it but you guys can try! idevicererestore-Windows.zip ( chinese ver )

new update final version for windows version

Download windows version ( official )



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