3uTools free management for iOS files and iphone Data


3uTools Management for iOS Files and iPhone Data

Easy way to check IMEI – UDID – iDevice version – IOS version

3uTools makes it so easy to manage apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos and other multimedia files. its free software you must have. Fully view iOS device’ s different statuses, including activation, jailbreak, battery and iCloud lock statuses, as well as detailed iOS and iDevice information.

This version also includes Support activating iDevices running on iOS 11. In the previous versions, 3uTools could not support activate devices on iOS 11. iOS 11 is the latest firmware for iphone ipad and ipod. Is still in beta program but you can install beta version without developer account using 3uTools. Also downgrade to any sign ios version

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3uTools Management for iOS Files and iphone Data

Version: V2.13

Size: 64.47MB/

Update: 2017-07-13

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main features for this software

Optimize Files & Backup/Restore

Optimize Easy Flash & Pro Flash

Check iDevice information and technical details

Jailbreak with software

3uTools Management for iOS Files and iphone Data

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