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Activation lock bypass tool with fiddler

This new video online its about fiddler tool to Activation lock bypass , i think fiddler could be most important tool to inject itunes and get successful bypass , xampp is one of the most used because doulci server , but recentely many people claim success in the bypass scenario with xampp and fiddler. This video show again bypass 4s , do not came with download files but we hope soon we will have the missing link between icloud, itunes and fiddler .

Using Bypass iCloud Activation Lock with fiddler

bypass icloud with Fiddler

Before see the video on how actually this software works, I would like to mention that this hack will work on any iPhone or other iDevice so do not worry. I must say i try myself many ways to unlock  iCloud or Bypass iCloud Activation Lock is a tool which is not limited and you can use it as many times as you need it at the cost of nothing because this tool is completely free.  This is  important to say after unlock iCloud with this tools will not be removed from Apple  database because this tool do not connects directly to Apple servers. you must undestend this process Bypass iCloud Activation Lock remove will be permanent but not full activated , carrier will not work. Full unlock may be more difficult probably will be next step  once you use this tool your iPhone will work normally but can not make calls, the iCloud activation will be removed and you will be able to use your device as ipod.

Read more info about this fiddler server method to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock


please see updated new post about activation itunes and device activation




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