Apple iOS 9 iBoot Source Code Leaked Online

Apple iOS 9 iBoot Source Code Leaked Online. Recently there was a MAJOR leak of much of the source code from iOS 9.x BootRom and iBoot software on GitHub. Previously this information was secured in Apple’s Secure Enclave Processor, which meant it was very difficult to find exploits and vulnerabilities. But now, that could all change. The code is actually from iOS 9, but most of that code is probably still in use today special on ios10. Another thing is the Bootrom can only be updated via a hardware update, so Apple could be in trouble if a major exploit was found there. This could also mean that jailbreaking will be much easier soon , since there will be many more opportunities to find jailbreak vulnerabilities in iPhones and other iOS devices.

IBoot is a second bootloader, to load the kernel, if you find a critical bug on iBoot, the kernel is pwned, it mean jailbreak on iOS 11.2.x, but probably will be a tether.

Apple iOS 9 iBoot Source Code Leaked Online — Critical Component that Handles the Trusted Boot-Up Process for the iOS Operating System

Apple iOS 9 iBoot Source Code Leaked Online


Apple has yet commented on the recent leak, though Github has already disabled the repository that was hosting the iBoot code after the company issued a DMCA takedown notice. However, the code is already out there.

the original leaked source 

Alternative download


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