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Apple show “Voice Text” working on iPhone 6

Apple show “Voice Text” working on iPhone 6


Apple show “Voice Text” working on iPhone 6 new comercial

Apple new iOS 8 voice messaging working on new iPhone 6 ad


bypass ios-9

bypass ios-9

Apple just relase alatest iPhone 6 commercial . with voice of  Justin Timberlake and  Jimmy Fallon showing the new update what they call Voice Text , like the name says it make possible record audio messages and send it throe imessenger . this new tweak its in ios8 .  lets users send audio via Messages. it works just press-and-hold gesture on the new microphone icon located to the right of Messages’ text input bar. Users can playback their clip and send it off through a popup radial menu. this new update have the same gesture control for video messages, which has not been showcased in a commercial. Yet.

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