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Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Fixes

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Fixes. After using Apple watch series 3 for a month there are some things about the LTE connectivity that we’re not made clear during the Apple Keynote. If you have an Apple watch Series 3 maybe this post will help you decide if you want to buy or not.

So first your carrier in the US is going to charge you 10 USD a month to be able to use the Apple watch LTE alongside your iPhone. The watch has eSIM and it uses the same number as your iPhone. It must be used with an iPhone to work entirely as intended though some standalone. LTE functions still work with your sim and an Android phone in my testing like you can make a phone call or you can use iMessage supported app data works. it’s not going to send notifications to your phone and you need an iPhone to begin with to start it up.

What can you do with this watch over LTE while away from your iPhone, which is the entire point of getting the LTE model of the watch? There are two different scenarios, there is the scenario where you can connect to LTE while your iPhone is on and also where your iPhone is off or airplane mode. yes, some people do this so while your phone is on and you are away from your phone you’re able to use the LTE on Apple watch to make calls send messages, which includes imessager, texts and use supported apps. Not all apps are supported at least while you are away from your phone now when you switch your phone off and you’re connected to LTE.

When your iPhone isn’t on you can’t send a text. When your iPhone is not on you can’t send a text with the watch and I actually discovered this after a lot of trys. If you don’t believe me this is according to Apple’s own documentation to which they say to receive SMS or MMS on your Apple watch series 3 GPS plus Cellular your watch must be powered on and connected to Wi-Fi or cellular but it doesn’t need to be nearby so this is going to be the same with every carrier. The Apple watch Series 3 supports AT&T Verizon Sprint and t-mobile. this sucks it’s going to anger some people so what seems to be happening is that the phone will forward the text messages to your watch.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Fixes

Interestingly you can still make phone calls and use data for some apps entirely independent of your phone so it doesn’t matter if it’s on or off. Now for most people this is not going to matter because who’s gonna turn off their phone, whole point of having an LTE watch for me is to be able to send and receive text even if my SIM isn’t in my iPhone or if the battery dies. So let’s repeat this, you can make calls with the iPhone off which is going to kill your battery in an hour or send imessager to Apple devices but if the person you want to contact doesn’t have an iPhone you are out of luck so to me the LTE feature feels kind of useless. If there’s someone out there who fully understands why the texts have to be forwarded from the phone to the watch that would be great.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Fixes

LTE Not Working on Apple Watch 3

Now as far as if the watch is connected to Wi-Fi without your phone around you should be able to make calls with Wi-Fi calling if your network supports its Imessager and supported apps. If anyone experiences anything different just let me know on comments. so now I’ve just told you how the Apple watch series 3 is supposed to work with LTE.

Since release there’s been a lot of bugs, I have never been able to send a text message at all and this doesn’t matter if I have my iPhone switched on or off Apple doesn’t know why this is and t-mobile tells me that it’s Apple’s fault but I can send I messages through just fine so everyone is just kind of all over the place right now and yes I sometimes experience the dreaded Wi-Fi bug where the watch will try to connect to an unauthenticated Wi-Fi network, when I wanted to actually connect to LTE instead.

Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Fixes

Toggling the airplane mode button does fix this, I found that you can go into your phone and reset the network settings and your phone is going to forget all the Wi-Fi networks that it previously connected to so you stop having this problem. A lot of people have been issues with getting their watch set up and working on their network. It’s helpful to call your carrier first and have the watch added to your plan and then go on your phone and add the watch and set it up.  you should think that eventually everything is going to be sorted with the watch and it will work as intended.  As I said earlier my experience was truly frustrating and this is the first generation of LTE product. Keep in mind if you never leave your phone behind paying 10 bucks a month just isn’t worth it and not being able to text unless my iPhone is on.  Its better wait a few months or until the next generation Apple watch with LTE. Get the tethered version of the watch and save yourself the money and the headache.


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