Best Free VPN for iphone – internet unlock

Best Free VPN for iPhone – internet unlock. let’s get started on the first blog post of this week. Today we going to show you, how to get the best free VPN for your iphone. There is a lot of VPNs which are on the App Store but a lot of them are not really good. Someones are paid but we are focusing on the best free ones.  The criteria is for it to be for free to work properly and for it to be able to unblock websites. Like in school or university or in high school or anywhere in the world where you cannot usually access. VPN that’s a very good thing. Go to the App Store lets install some VPN 100% safe.

The first one which I’m going to talk is VPN 360 – Unlimited VPN Proxy and just for you guys to know this post is not for promotional only of helping you guys. The first one is VPN 360 unlimited VPN it’s a really good one I’ve been using this as well so you guys can go ahead and install.  check this direct link to make it easier for you guys to search it and find it.

Best Free VPN for iphone – internet unlock

The next open is VPN robot.  you can also search on appstore. You can see both apps were free and 100% safe.

Go into the app VPN 360 when you open the app the first thing you gonna see it’s gonna talk about a free 7-day trial ignore this you’re not gonna pay anything this only if you want to get the premium but you really do not need it. Click on skip do not worry about it and right there you have a very big button to click on to connect it the location is set to the United States. If you want to change the location that’s what you need to get the premium but once again as I mentioned this video is only for free version so you do not need to pay anything. if you’re gonna stay in the united state location so click on connect and right there it will ask you to go ahead. Connect this to your settings. Basically, you want to go ahead and add it to your VPN settings in the settings section.

Click on allow it will take you to your settings and then right here you just want to place your touch ID or your password. Right there you should be good to go. Give it a moment to the VPN  connection.

How do you know if the VPN is connected?  you get this green button. you get it connected but most importantly right on the top of your device, you get the VPN logo beside your Wi-Fi.

This VPN allows you to connect to websites as I mentioned in the beginning. if you want to disconnect its pretty simple just go back to the app and click on the connect button. it will be discontented.

Best Free VPN for iphone - internet unlock

The second app which is VPN robot for iPhone its same procedure. it’s gonna ask you to go ahead and tap to allow the connection. Click on allow and then tap to connect. click on allow first and add it to your VPN settings. After connected, now you can enjoy the superfast internet so right there as you can see on the video it is connected on top of your device on the status bar as you can see it says VPN connection.

1 – VPN 360 – Unlimited VPN Proxy

2 – VPN Robot 

3 – Opera VPN IPHONE

check this video to some alternative VPN for Iphone to download and install

Best Free VPN for iphone – internet unlock



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