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icloud Bypass Mina Activator 1.1

Icloud Bypass activation request from lockdown and working carrier. Minacriss success bypass icloud from all idevice supporting iOS Checkra1n exploit , he also made an activator called Mina Activator 1.1. We can sww in hos video with software working on standalone MACOS App. This mac tool its private for now as he sad, also it use the same exploit from the checkm8 . This exploit works only on ios 12 and 13 b3couse it must run the jailbreak checkra1n first, there is no other indication it works in others lower versions. You can update a new icloud id

bypass icloud Mina Activator 1.1

Doing this not mean will unlock the iphone and get carrier , all this bypass server-side or activation will only bypass the icloud locally, you will still have icloud on apple servers. Hope Minacriss releases this software at least for bypass and activation iOS, we know Minacriss has a business to rule, but if this tool comes to the public we are 100% sure Apple will fix the icloud bypass. Apple, for now, is not concerned because the bypassed devices are not working properly.

Also, this video could not be exactly what it looks because once activation ticked accepted it does not goes automatically to springboard.



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