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Apple iCloud Activation Unlock INFO

bypass icloud activation request from lockdown

icloud bypass

bypass icloud activation request from lockdown


bypass icloud activation request from lockdown

After minacriss success server to bypass icloud from all idevice ios7.1.1 , Now his friend Jesus Prat made a video with a software can do same in local, standalone App. This mac tool its private for now as he say, also it use same exploit from the Minacriss server . This make me think this exploit works only on ios 7.1.1 and lower, there is no other indication it works in others upgrade versions. Lockdown request is the mainstream of this bypass probably the exploit its bases on ios 7.1.1 not in itunes.

bypass icloud activation request from lockdown

Doing this not mean will unlock the iphone and get carrier , all this bypass server side or activation tikets will only bypass the icloud , u will still need activation . Hope Minacriss or Jesus Prat release this software at lest for ios < 7.1.1 , we know Minacriss have a business to rule , but with this bypass i believe will still be a limited number of people with this exactly ios 7.1.1. Also you will lose bypass if you upgrade for recente ios > 7.1.1 . So will not interfere much with gsx unlock for ios 8 and bulk orders because GSX will unlock icloud and carrier. This app or mina server can be a testdrive for people who want use his iphone os ipod.

NOTE: also this video could be not exactly what he looks because once activation ticked accepted it does not goes automatically to Location setup. It just makes Next button active even if it not connected to Wi-Fi. When press Next button it ask confirmation to continue setup offline. so for now  this video don´t looks 100% real.



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