How Bypass iCloud iPhone 4 download software


How Bypass iCloud iPhone 4 download software. icloud bypass iphone 4 is old you can bypass icloud on iphone 4 becouse boot exploit used to jailbreak the ios7.x . one hacker developer a small software based on java to make possible read and write iphone 4 in DFU mode. after that many softwares were out also many tutorials for mac and windows . this version is for windows i already make a version to bypass icloud on iphone 4 using a mac.

This new software for icloud bypass iphone 4 without carrier , to fix carrier you need other method you can check more details here on

How Bypass iCloud iPhone 4 download software

In this video, I’ll show you how to skip the iCloud Block on your iPhone 4 taking the easiest and fastest way using windows
You can download the software from here:!R8gHiY7S!m3UpeoGubZ…
README: SwordInHeart 1.0 requires:
Windows or newer versions of Windows
.NET Framework 4 (download it from Microsoft Website)
iTunes (download it from Apple Website)
Java (Install it from SwordInHeart 1.0)
I hope you like the video and the software!

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