How Check iCloud Status using apple support


How Check iCloud Status using apple support

( Not working in all countries )

Apple don’t let you check icloud if the iphone ipad or ipod you pretend to buy in secund hand have Find my iphone ON or OFF. After many method , we check, and almost all are using apple services from GSX accounts not direct sources.  this new method to check icloud  and Find My Iphone will not work in all country but is working in many countries using apple support webpage. We test this working way to Check iCloud Status for Free.

How to check iCloud Activation Lock status by IMEI or serial.

fist Visit the Apple support website and on the list of the devices, select iphone and follow the video tutorial steps .

How Check iCloud Status using apple support

Apple support web page :

Please note: this method will not work in all countries you should first understand this is not one official method to check icloud using apple webserver. this is only one alternative and very limited way to check if your iPhone have find my iphone on.

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