icloud email recovery iOS7-iOS8 (dns/tutorial)



icloud email recovery iOS7-iOS8 (dns/tutorial)

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icloudDNSbypass methos easy

cloud email recovery iOS7-iOS8 (dns/tutorial)

  • Step 1:Go into your Wi-Fi settings on the “Choose a Wi-Fi Network” screen ,to do this click the home screen button
  • and press “More Wi-Fi Settings”
  • Step 2:Where it says “DNS” change the IP to “” , press back ( wait for it to load ) and and click next
  • on the upper right hand corner
  • Step 3:On the activation screen press the “Activation Help” button
  • Step 4:Press menu [being sent to server]
  • Step 5:Press applications
  • Step 6:Press crash [device will crash]
  • Step 7:Slide and go back to the “Choose a Wi-Fi Network” screen
  • Step 8:Click the home screen button and press “More Wi-Fi Settings”, and click on the “i” button next to your WiFi
  • Step 9:Scroll over to “HTTP Proxy” and press “Manual”
  • Step 10:Server: Go to the emoji section on your keyboard and choose one emoji and click 30 Times.
  • Step 11:Port: “8888”
  • Step 12:Click Back and then next
  • Step 13:KEEP SLIDING, UNTIL YOU ARE IN THE HOMESCREEN !! [You should be on your iDevice homescreen]
  • Step 14:Press the Facetime app and you should see the email
  • Step 15:Enjoy, Tahgoonz

NOTE : If you can not see emoji section so you need update your idevice to ios 8


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