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Cloudflare DNS iOS APP

Cloudflare DNS iOS APP. Cloudflare released their DNS app for iOS and Android. Significantly, this app not only points any iOS device’s DNS to (and for backup), it also encapsulates them inside either an HTTPS or TLS tunnel, thus completely hiding them from anyone who might be passively snooping on the user’s DNS queries.

Cloudflare DNS iOS APP

Cloudflare DNS iOS APP

Here’s the cool thing you go to with iOS or Android Cloudflare HTTP DNS 1.1 1.1 and it is now offering you an app either for iOS or Android.  you download the app. you download it asks it explains it’s going to create a VPN profile but this is not a VPN connection, that’s the way it makes it easy for them to change your dns settings and Apple approves this obviously.  establishes DNS over HTTPs it’s not just changing http to https, it is encrypting and private all of your device, iOS or your Android mobile devices DNS queries. you can if you want to switch it to over TLS both are emerging standards now and there’s other options and features and so it changes your device to 1.1 1.1 tunnels.

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Cloudflare DNS iOS APP

DNS App Speeds Up The Internet On Your iPhone!

This app will help with DNS query resolution. Basically, the faster DNS is resolved, the faster the site loads that you are trying to reach. So all in all, this app will immensely improve your internet browsing experience and your ip will not be exposed.

Should you switch?

CloudFlare provides this service to protect privacy and also speed up your local DNS. look they’ve got some benchmarks compared to your average ISP Google’s Public DNS, Cisco’s, Open DNS and then, of course, there have their own benchmarks and you know you can test this on your local device and see. basically, when you switch over the CloudFlare this means that websites you actually type it will load faster and the same is true for your mobile device as well you know when you’re browsing your apps you’re using your web browser that things are just going to load faster.

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