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Developing an untethered jailbreak requires a lot of effort – pangu team

“Developing an untethered jailbreak requires a lot of effort”- pangu team

Today pangu team was in the bigest convention CanSecWest 2015 annual CanSecWest conference the world’s most advanced conference focusing on applied digital security , the team made a paper and talk aboutjailbreak. Not only jailbreak , also the security underworld is apple IOS .

the team work is an important isseu for jailbreak

Userland Exploits of Pangu 8Tielei Wang, Xiaobo Chen and Hao Xu, Team Pangu
“With the release of iOS 8, Apple significantly improved iOS sandbox and code signing checks, and introduced a new security mechanism so-called Team ID validation, with a goal to protect the system programs (i.e., platform binaries) from loading third-party code inside of their address space. Specifically, in addition to performing a code signature validation of all the dynamic libraries that a process links against at launch time, iOS also ensures that a program can only link against any platform library or any library with the same team identifier in its code signature as the main executable. Despite these new challenges, roughly a month after the official release of iOS 8, the Pangu Team surprisingly released Pangu 8, the first untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 8.
This talk will review the security mechanisms in iOS, present the whole jailbreaking workflow of Pangu 8, and then describe the userland exploits of Pangu 8, with a focus on elaborating how Pangu 8 escapes the sandbox and bypasses the code signing checks and Team ID validation.”

pangu team CanSecWest

Developing an untethered jailbreak requires a lot of effort – pangu team

The slides of pangu team talk “Userland Exploits of Pangu 8 ” on CanSecWest 2015 now available at:



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