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DoubleTake, free app that allows you to film from two cameras at the same time

DoubleTake, the App from the authors of the popular FilMic Pro that allows you to record videos with multiple cameras at the same time, is available for free at AppStore.

This App allows you to do something simple, but it requires a lot of processing power and GPU. It is about using 4 cameras at the same time to capture video. In case you use it on an iPhone 11, you can use any of the three back cameras that are available (depending on the model), as well as the front and back camera, for example. If you ask yourself how useful you can have this, one of the most common uses of this type of Apps is to grab something with the back camera and, also, time and film it by commenting on the front camera. For users interested in vlogging, it’s really useful.

Download Doubletake

As you can imagine, to be able to shoot the videos at the same time you have to have a very powerful iPhone. This App, even if it can be installed on any iPhone model compatible with iOS 13, it only works from the iPhone XS and up , iphone 11 , because of the CPU and GPU power needed to be able to make videos at the same time. For this reason, the maximum video resolution at which 1080p can used, so no 4K. Full HD / 1080p is more than enough for most uses, but if you need to capture 4K video you must be aware that, at least for now, you can’t get it with this App. If you install this App on an iPhone compatible with simultaneous recordings, you only can record video this app doesn’t work to take pictures.

DoubleTake by FiLMiC transforms your iPhone into a multi-cam studio allowing you to capture video from two cameras at the same time on recent devices.

Download DoubleTake by FiLMiC



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