Google Assistant comes to iPhone


At Google forum 2017, many new features were presented and will come in the next google update with the new intelligent assistant. Most importantly: iPhone compatibility. But you can also use the camera, type to it, control your iphone ipad, ipod and most incredible your smartwatch the apple watch.

google assistent iphone app

Google wants the Assistant to be in your home, office, smartphone your car. — but first, it needs to conquer the iPhone.

Google Assistant comes to iPhone

More about google assistant check this article:

The dream of having a personal assistant, may not be as silly as it sounds. Siri has grown up a lot, becoming more and more powerful, practical, funny, and more importantly, facilitating our everyday tasks. Google entered the game updating google assistant but restricted to the world of android. Now google will take a big step in the conquest of these iPhone utilities, a direct competition will be great.

Download: Google Assistant for iOS

Google Assistant App for iOS Now Available for Download On US App Store

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