GrayRhino UNLOCK CARRIER LOCK iOS 10 up to iOS14

Got a carrier-locked device? Want to use a different carrier?
This method lets you get signal from ANY CARRIER you want!

Supports all checkra1n devices! (iPhone 5s – X)
iPhone XR/XS/11/12 could theoretically work 14.0-14.3 with unc0ver!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT for bypassed devices! If you have done a passcode bypass and you get the Activation Required message, it is because the activation files used to reactivate your device were generated a long time ago when the device was originally carrier locked. Even if you check the IMEI/Serial and it says carrier unlocked, sometimes you will still get Activation Required on passcode bypassed devices for this reason- your activation files are with carrier lock. If you try to install GrayRhino on a passcode-bypassed-carrier-locked device, you will get activation lock, and might be forced into restoring your device and reactivating.

So, I recommend making sure that you know the Apple ID and Password that belong to your device before installing GrayRhino! This is for unlocked, or FMI-offed devices that work perfectly but are locked to one specific carrier and you want to use any carrier.

This method only works on devices that are on jailbreakable firmwares. If you can jailbreak your device and get Cydia, chances are this will work. Although as far as I’m aware, its only been tested on iOS 14. Not sure about iOS 10/11/12/13/14.

GrayRhino UNLOCK CARRIER LOCK iOS 10 up to iOS14



( this not work with iCloud bypassed and blacklisted devices )

Step 1 : Turn Off the FMi (Find My iPhone) 

Step 2: Jailbreak the Device With Checkra1n or Uncover

Step 3: Install “Cydia”

Step 4: Open Safari

Step 5: Visit Link – panyolsoft.yourepo.com

Step 6: Add Repository panyolsoft to Cydia

Step 7: Open Cydia and Open the Repository 

Step 8: Click Tweaks in the Panyolsoft Repository 

Step 9: Install GrayRhino Tweak inside

Step 10: Device will Respring and Open Settings in iPhone

Scroll Bottom to find the GrayRhino Tweak

(If you don’t find GrayRhino tweak in the Settings menu then – Step 8 / Step 9 not done)

Step 11: Open GrayRhino in settings 

Step 12: Buy license with @appletool (telegram)

Step 13: add license and wait till resisted Success in server

Step 14: Click Respring after Success Message in iPhone Settings > GrayRhino 

Step 15: Put Sim inside iPhone

Step 16: Activate device



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