how hack iphone in 30 minutes John McAfee way


how hack iphone in 30 minutes John McAfee way

John McAfee is known as cybersecurity pioneer, and maker of McAfee antivirus, last days he talk how crack ios iphone, claiming its an easy task. Many people start to talking about hack iphones and many controversies come out about the safety, decryption and unlock iphone. Apple, FBI and all etic related to security. personally, i think this  John McAfee are underestimating apple, all he want is focus attention himself as a cyber security company CEO. however, he talks about how he would unlock iPhone if someone ask him. 

his method is about using hardware engineer and a software engineer, you must see the McAfee video

how to hack iphone in 30 minutes John McAfee way

We must understand McAfee is trying to say everybody can do it FBI don’t need to ask apple to do it, but i think is completely wrong i am sure he doesn’t understand how ios security is based, unlock iphone passcode or whatever on apple devices. many developers are trying for long and every new update apple does make it even more harder way to unlock.

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