icloud bypass

Hardware & Software solution?

Hardware & Software solution? New methods for bypass icloud are always coming and going like theories and experiments some could actually work, others not, we have before the ipads hardware resister remover and many people try it and works for all ipads 3G GSM.

-This new method for all idevices still is giving the fist steps but in theory could also work , and the developer  says that he can bypass All iDevices in Any IOS, It’s Based On Hardware & Software – before restoring  we must remove lcd & digitizer and Software to Inject Files. Also importante this is not a clean remover , its only a bypass , you still can not use carrier signal network but  probably you will be able to jailbreak and use it normally as ipad or ipod. We are waiting for new details and tutorial that must be release any time sooner . Until now this method works on ipad mini retina tested, the develops are making more testes to implement in all devices.  “was tested & worked for iPad mini, need to test with all iDevice”.

More info in the next developments

Hardware & Software solution?

Hardware & Software solution


-this info came from developing GSMDZ team

More info in the next developments stay tuned

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