Houdini beta 3 running on iOS 11.4

Houdini beta 3 running on iOS 11.4. The developer Abraham Masri show us today he just update Houdini to beta 3 and now is running on any iOS11.x including the iOS11.4 beta4. This is amazing news for the jailbreak community. this is not meant to be a jailbreak replacement.  This is not full jailbreak. although it is safe to use. Abraham did not release  Houdini beta 3 to the public yet, but it seems he intends to do so.

also, some features might not work in beta.

Houdini ‘semi-jailbreak’ tool demoed on iOS 11.4 beta


For now, we only have this iPad running Houdini beta 3 on iOS11.4 beta4. We will enjoy the first level of jailbreak very soon and also an announcement, you will be able to jailbreak your device!

Being that iOS 11.4 is still in beta, there’s no telling whether Houdini beta 3 will still work after Apple release a final version an official public release. It should indeed be interesting to see how the situation will make apple to try patch this new exploit.

Houdini beta 3 running on iOS 11.4

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