How to bypass reset password on any Mac computer

How to bypass reset password on any Mac computer. This tutorial is gonna help you if you have a mac pro with passcode. so you can’t log into your computer or if you have just forgotten your password. it’s a very simple procedure this tutorial is gonna work for Mac OSX 10.6 – 10.9 and above. This tutorial will cover lion mountain lion, Mavericks, Yosemite captain and Sierra but if you happen to have a Mac with different operating systems such as Snow Leopard or Leopard I also have another separate tutorial covering that.



1) Turn off the computer

2) Turn on the computer while holding command and “R” buttons

3) Once in recovery mode, go to

4) Type in “resetpassword” (All one word)

5) Fill out your new password and information and that’s it!

the first step is to turn off your computer, then we already know it’s completely turned off you want to turn the computer back on and you want to hold down the command “R” and order button at the same time until you hear till you hear another little sound.

The computer will enter into recovery mode. so once you get to the screen go to the terminal so you want to click on tha.t once you do that you want to type in reset password with no spaces click enter.

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How to bypass reset password on any Mac computer

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