icloud bypass

How to get activation info XML

How to get activation info XML

How to get activation info XML for unlock activation icloud

You must have fiddler soft.

first open itunes then fiddler software connect your device and active htmls files at settings. Please make sure you select https decrypt in fiddler setting when you connect your iphone, ipad or ipod to itunes you will see in your left side, sites choses the one with Albert, an the right side check the image and u will see all information you need to get the certs tickets

This is activation info file not a bypass yet but its the first step next step is go https://www.sslshopper.com/certificate-decoder.html to decoded .

will wait for final step to inject your original cers decryption and unlock your idevice , hackrs are still try find easy way because its still needs a lot of coding .

Update : new files Download this files (new htdocs must add to Xampp)

htdocs: DOWNLOAD

How to install:

1) Put files to htdocs folder in XAMPP

2) Edit hosts and add line: albert.apple.com

3) active Xampp apache mode

4) connect iphone itunes


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