How to Stop Your iPhone From Updating Automatically OTA

How to Stop Your iPhone From Updating Automatically OTA. how we can disable over-the-air updates on your iOS device with tvOS 11 Beta Profile. so those are updates that you do directly from your iphone and accidentally you can update your device to the newest version and lose the chances of jailbreaking your iOS 11 or iOS12 device on the near future.

How to Stop Your iPhone From Updating Automatically OTA
How to Stop Your iPhone From Updating Automatically OTA

Stop automatic updates

if you don’t know Apple has stopped signing iOS 11.3.1 for which an exploit has been released and we’re expecting a jailbreak to be created very soon for that firmware. now the oldest iOS 11.x version that is being signed is iOS 11.4.x if you accidentally update your iOS 10 or iOS 11 your that device will go to iOS 11.4 and you can no longer downgrade to iOS 11.3.1 so the process is very simple all you have to do is just open Safari and open a link which you will find in the description of this post.

Avoid Automatic downloads

on this link just click here download the file enter this CAPTCHA right here click download now and now it will take you to your settings so it will install a TV OS profile on your device and that will stop the updates from coming to your device so click install right here click install once more installed here and now it will require for you to reboot your device.  just click restart and wait for the device to be rebooted. once your iPhone reboots you can go to settings go to general and go to software update and you can see right there. you will see your device is up to date.

Download tvOS 11 Beta Profile

Usually iOS shows you those prompts to update your device and you might accidentally do it,  this will protect you from doing that and of course, increase your chances of jailbreaking your device on the near future

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