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iCloud Activation Lock Screen Bypass on 10.1.1 – 9.3.5

iCloud Activation Lock Screen Bypass on 10.1.1 – 9.3.5

This method works on iOS 10.1 it could also work on later versions depending on when apple patches this. today I’ll be showing you how to fully bypassed the activation lock screen on any iOS device this method allows to almost fully use your iOS device .The funny thing is this the last activation lock what you will need . You will need one program that can edit the item file system I would recommend Ifun box the screen is pretty easy to use select a bunch of large files, can be anything from movies to music, computer, a backup of another iOS device, your own apple ID and a lot of patience trust me you’re gonna need it after you’ve got all those things.

iCloud Activation Lock Screen Bypass on 10.1.1 – 9.3.5 – Plug your device in the Ifun box and wait for it to be detected click on my device and then user file system this is where all the files on the device stored then after click on the photos folder after you’ve done this find an open the folder that contains all your arch files. You are then gonna wanna trading drop when the large files in the photos folder of your eye and west device. If the file transfer successfully keep transferring more and more files on at that place what this actually does this feel for storage on your iOS device what this will do is exploit a storage managing up in iOS. Keep adding more and more files into little green slider part doesn’t go any further. What should the green bar stops moving do the emoji exploit that I found in a different video if you’d like more information please check the link in the description below. When you’ve pasted enough icons to use with device will actually start then you know you have enough,  we need to be very patient ask this darkest part of the video you needed to press the screen then quickly try to transfer a big file to the device. When your device crashes. there’s a chance that you will get a message store just almost full dialogue will pop up. trust me this can take a long time. I was doing it for hours before it finally worked I obviously wasn’t filming all that time, I did start recording when the prompt came up. Follow all video details tutorial to complete remove iCloud.

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