why icloud activation status was taken down


heres why icloud activation status was taken down !

The apple online server tool to check iCloud status was tasked down, the apple webpage to check online if iphone ipad iPod is locked and activation has been removed overnight it’s unclear if will come back or not. This is not a good thing because it provided a lot of people from getting ripped off from buying stolen iPhones.  A lot people was checking the devices if they were buying idevices with iCloud on or not . we try to make you aware this apple service is not available anymore . the reason why its actually very interesting. there’s this iphone/ipad hack that existed for a very long time that allows you to change the serial number removing the original chip on your iphone , ipad or ipod. Using a special equipment that reflashes the chip, put it back in with the new fresh Serial number. please check the video to understand the method.

The hackers were using the website activation status to check any serial number with no icloud ON, basically, the apple activation status was telling you if the device was locked or not. took the old locked serial code number and just replaced the new serial number with no apple ID lock. this was a very crazy method that actually was working.

if you looking one good alternative to check your icloud status activation please check this legitim GSX IMEI check:

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