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Powerfull iCloud backups extractor

Powerfull iCloud backups extractor

This is a forensic tool for checking mobile phones. The present version includes Social Graph. It can be used to review connections between mobile device owners and their contacts, extract passwords and connections between multiple device owners, and detect their common passwords.

find password ios 9.2 from icloud

This software is for professionals. It gets everything from backups, even some data you never thought would be there). Not just the contacts, messages, and pictures, but also conversations in different messengers such as WhatsApp and Skype, GPS location data, deleted conversations, and much more. If you never used this excellent package before, you will be really surprised. Especially when looking at the contents of someone else’s iPhone , like icloud password This is probably the best software of this kind on the market – it just extracts everything and shows it in a very convenient way.

Oxygen Forensic Extractor allows to extract:

  • Common device information
  • Contacts with all the fields and contact photos
  • Missed/Outgoing/Incoming calls and Facetime calls
  • Organizer data (meetings, appointments, memos, anniversaries, tasks, notes, etc.)
  • SMS, MMS, iMessages, E-mails with attachments
  • Device dictionary words
  • Photos, videos, audio files and voice records
  • Geo coordinates stored in camera snapshots
  • Wi-Fi connections
  • Device logs
  • Passwords to the device owner accounts and WiFi hot spots
  • Data from Android and iOS backup files.
  • 1270+ applications user data: Apple Maps, Booking.com, Facebook, Google+, PayPal, Safari,  Skype, Viber,  WhatsApp, etc.

Obtain integrated password recovery and extraction, Find passwords for protected iTunes backups, recover passwords for Android backups and images, enjoy fully automated recovery and extraction and acquire complete sets of digital evidence

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