iCloud – How to download all your photos & videos on Mac

iCloud – How to download all your photos & videos on Mac. If you have your photos and videos being automatically uploaded to Icloud this tutorial will teach you how to download your photos from iCloud servers directly down to your Mac or to a Mac USB Drive. If you have local storage limitation is better to use an external USB drive. If you don’t know how much free space you have to go Apple icon choose about this Mac and then just hit the storage tab under storage.  I’ll tell you how much space you have free. We will be going to put iCloud photos and videos on our PC. Is important to change system default location of where to download photos.

How to download all your photos & videos on Mac

The reason why this is important is because iCloud automatically download photos to a USB Drive or another location and less it’s set as the default system photo library so that’s why we have to do that. So before we continue any further we want to log into iCloud on system preferences choose icloud.  once logged into iCloud you can enable or disable these options to suit your needs and then after choosing you’ll have a full list.

iCloud - How to download all your photos & videos on Mac

The only option that we really need to enable if you’re just interested in getting the photos is taking photos. Now check the library and then once that’s complete that’s all we need to do. Choosing photos to go to preferences or the shortcut for that is the command button, the comma button and then under iCloud. If you haven’t enabled this already you want to click this option. which is the iCloud photo library and then this was basically the option where you’ll automatically upload your entire library and then it’ll basically download photos any videos or any stuff that’s stored in iCloud.

iCloud – How to download all your photos & videos on Mac

You can download the originals files or customized and that’s what you should do here choose original. Obviously, this is where all the master copies are.  you will see the year, separate folders by tags. you’ll eventually find here we’ve got a load of different images you have taken. Also, make a quick preview before making the download.

PC version icloud for windows

How to download all your photos & videos to a PC or to a USB Drive I hope you guys enjoyed this tips How to select multiple photos on iCloud and download them to your PC or Mac as well as using iCloud application for Windows 10 and downloading ALL photos. Download iCloud for Windows from here: 


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