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icloud: Locate your device with Find My iPhone

iCloud: Locate your device with Find My iPhone. Learn how to use Find my iPhone to locate, secure, and recover your devices. To learn more about this topic read this post.

Find My iPhone

Misplaced your device, if you’ve previously setup Find My iPhone you can use it to locate your device on a map. Then you can play a sound from the device, put it on loss mode to remotely lock it and display a message or erase all of its data.

let’s take a look at these options to start: tap the find iPhone app on a computer or in other device, then enter your Apple ID password and tap go. if you haven’t enabled location services on your device you may be prompted to turn them on. now this feature will allow you to see the distance between you and your lost device.  You’ll also see a list of devices that have Find My iPhone enabled. the Find My iPhone feature can be set up on your iPhone iPad iPod Touch, Mac and apple watch. when you set up this feature on your iPhone any Apple watch or air pods paired with a device will also be set up a green dot, means the device is securely broadcasting its location.


Locate your device with Find My iPhone

 icloud: Locate your device with Find My iPhone
icloud: Locate your device with Find My iPhone

Now tap the device that you would like to locate and tap actions,

  1. if you believe your device is nearby but still can’t find it tap play sound your misplace device will chime so if it’s nearby you can hear it
  2. if you still can’t find your device you can protect its contents with a couple of helpful options
  3. first let’s look at lost mode lost mode remotely displays a message on your misplaced device and locks it with a passcode it also allows you to track its location while it’s missing to start this process tap lost mode then tap turn on lost mode now enter a phone number where you can be reached this will appear on the lost device with a message to contact you tap next to continue to Find My iPhone has a default message to accompany your phone number but you can customize it here when you’re ready tap Done
  4. now anyone that finds your lost device will see your message lastly if you need to you can erase the contents of a lost device once you do this you cannot track the device so be sure you’re ready before taking this action for more helpful tips like check ower youtube channel and social media.

icloud: Locate your device with Find My iPhone

video tutorial

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