iCloud Phishing how to avoid this scam

iCloud Phishing how to avoid this scam. Use these tips to avoid scams from your icloud.com account. Learn what to do if you think your Apple ID has been compromised.

There’s a lot of icloud unlockers you can found on the internet, they are using UDID Id info. ICLOUD PHISHING method do you know how to avoid this email or SMS phisher with simple steps?

iCloud Phishing how to avoid this scam

if you lost your apple idevice this is the right way of securing your account from phishing attack made by unlockers and hackers.

Avoid phishing emails, fake virus alerts, phone support calls, and other scams, our webpage blog helps you with your iPhone iPad iPod unlock legit methods, not with scams.

How to Avoid phishing emails, fake virus alerts, and scams

iCloud Phishing how to avoid this scam
iCloud Phishing how to avoid this scam

Use this two simple steps to avoid emails icloud phishing:

  1. change your language on icloud.com settings (Provide your own language). if you are English dialect change it to another language, like Spanish or other you know as well.
  2. change your TimeZone and Region/location into a specific country.

This simple way will make your icloud id even more secure. your account will save half of your life from thieves. Every email, daily news, and Apple alert will be always in your selected language and scammers will not know which language are u using.

Remember phishing attack by sent you the English language in 80% of cases so you must keep this in your mind.

If you notice emails with the English language sometimes in a very bad English saying that Apple found your lost iPhone, reject this email and put it to spam folders. apple will thank for helping




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