icloudDNSbypass icloud bypass free

icloudDNSbypass icloud bypass free. If you need temporary bypass your idevice here is the best, fast and free method icloudDNSbypass.com. You can connect very easily directory from your wifi – and add new DNS or Manual method

icloudDNSbypass icloud bypass free


DNS Server IP addresses




Easy way : (Click Image)

icloudDNSbypass methos easy


Manual Method 

If you can’t connect to DNS server even after reboot, it means your internet provider restrict custom DNS
I developed dedicated DNS server that solves this problem so you need to start it and use local DNS
How to:
1) add DNS
2) Look at tray icon context menu and store your local DNS IP to your iDevice
If you have error 80, it means that some app is already using a required port.
Press Help button in dialog window if appear.

Configure local DNS server for users whose have a problem with DNS requests to our remote server. Setup your own local DNS server and watch video, take pictures, record videos, listen music and radio on your iCloud Locked device while you are waiting full bypass.


icloudDNSbypass methos manual


icloudDNSbypass icloud bypass free


How to Check iCloud Status using apple support

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