idevicerestore without itunes


idevicerstore tool to restore iphone ipad without itunes

This is a great tool and could be one future solution for remove icloud from your idevice using this strong platform linux.

If you want try linux potencial in idevices world here is one software you should try restore your iphone ipad, ipod without itunes using idevicerstore, this  idevicerstore is a tools for restore, recover a iphone firmware without itunes this tool works with lines comandes in terminal download idevicesrestore for linux  click here


you can try decrypt firmware 8.1 to get full root & delete to bypass icloud this is a new method to bypass icloud  the bypass from the firmware not from the devices enter root the firmware and delete after that restore using linux the firmware modified  your devices  activated without icloud screen .

You must see the video for instructions and download the tool : Requirement linux skills
Download idevicesrestore for linux  click here


Confirmed IPHONE 4S works you can remove icloud with this method

LINK :User: Lekensteyn/Upgrading iOS




You need sufficient permissions to access the iDevice in Recovery mode. I do not like running everything as root, so let us create a udev rule:


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