How improve you iPhone Battery Life

How improve you iPhone Battery Life. If you ask for yourself why high tech device and so expensive can’t be better when we are talking about power supply like the internal battery. the worse thing on mobile applications and hardware is the online connections, most of the battery life goes to this apps integration. we can easily drain iPhone 7 plus battery if we are on facebook or viewing youtube videos. the test i made i was with iPhone 7 plus my battery is recharging over the night and at 7:30 am is 100%. Using the iphone over the day with emails , facebook, twitter taking more less10 photos a day upload over wifi etc this can take in 24 hours all battery from the iphone 7 using ios 10.3.

improve you iPhone Battery Life

How improve you iPhone Battery Life

But i change some things now, i did 5 new improvements into the iPhone the result was amazing now i got 3 days yes 72 hours without recharging. The surprise is i stull use everything like before .

1 – Reduce Motion ( background Motion ) who cares about this

Open Settings. Tap General. Tap Accessibility. Tap Reduce Motion and ensure that the toggle is off.

2 – Delete the Facebook App – go delete facebook use online with safari version and add icon into your springboard why ? facebook app uses auto-loading /auto-playing videos and continuously searching for your location.

3 – Turn off AirDrop – Swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to access the Control Center. Tap AirDrop. Tap Receiving Off when you’re not using the feature.

4 – Don’t Push E-Mails – Go to Settings. Tap Mail. Tap Accounts. Tap Fetch New Data. From here, you can disable or enable Push. Tip: As an alternative, you can enable Fetch — which lets you set a time interval for your iPhone to check emails. The longer the interval, the less power it uses.

5 – Turn on Low-Power Mode – Open the Settings app. Tap Battery. Toggle on Low Power Mode.

try this 5 new ways to improve your battery life and you will be surprised.

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