INSTALL Cydia Extender on your iphone no Computer Method

INSTALL Cydia Extender iphone no Computer Method

How INSTALL Cydia Extender on your iphone or any iOS Device! No Computer Method and No Developer Account.

you tierd of reinstall every 7 days the yalo 10.2 jailbreak certificate via cydia impactor. using the yalo jailbreak you need a computer to reinstall de free certificate . this method INSTALL Cydia Extender on your iphone ipad or ipod you dont need any Computer and No Developer Account to get 7 days certificate again .

How to install Cydia Extender on iOS 10.2 to sign IPA’s while in jailbroken mode!
what you need:

Repo: https://apt.enduniverse.com/cydia/
Tweak Name: Cydia Extender Installer

1 – Open Cydia Extender app on your home screen.
2 – Then once there it should want to install a VPN, let it.
3 – Once back in Cydia Extender, close it down in multitasking and load it back up, then wait a little bit
4 – Now it wants a Profile, so it will open safari to some IP adress and then to the profile page in settings. Install it and type in your passcode.
5 – It should go back to Extender and then safari will open.
6 – DO NOT CLOSE SAFARI. Get to qwertyoruiopz website for Yalu jailbreak
7 – Tap on the IPA link and it should load a new page that wants to open it with Extender. Tap on it and then it should load Extender with a apple ID and passcode, if it does not, open safari again and tap on open in Extender again.
8 – After typing in your email and pass, wait a bit on that Extender screen, Do not tap on Installed at all, that crashes Extender for me and broke everything for me.
9 – Now it should ask to install Yalu102 , click install and then it’s on your home screen installing.
10 – Next week, when it expires, Go into Settings General Profile and delete the Cydia Extender profile.
11 – Open Cydia Extender again and it will want to install another profile



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