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iOS 12 Battery Life Saving Tips & Tricks

iOS 12 Battery Life Saving Tips & Tricks.  You need just changing a few settings in the Settings app. First things first let’s go into the display and brightness menu because here there are two to three options that we definitely want to make sure are selected. First thing make sure that the screen brightness is set at a level that is good for the environment that you were in it. Doesn’t always have to be cranked up to the highest setting. Make sure to kind of take that down a little bit.  That will save a lot of battery life. Going further down in this menu you’ll see the auto lock option which is a super important feature. If your iPhone is left on by mistake the auto lock feature will lock your device and ultimately save you some battery life.

iOS 12 iphone battery performance

iOS 12 Battery Life Saving Tips & Tricks
iOS 12 iphone battery

I have mine set to 5 minutes but you can select whatever works for you. The last setting in this menu that I would recommend changing is the rise to wake feature. This feature is sometimes annoying because when you hold up your device and don’t necessarily want to turn it on. It does anyways in the long run that will take up some battery life so make sure that is off. Moving on to the connections menu at the very top of the Settings app you’ll see that Wi-Fi is most likely turned on. If you are using data and aren’t connected to Wi-Fi make sure that this is turned off. Because your phone will be continuously looking for Wi-Fi connections.

iOS 11 Battery Life Saving Tips & Tricks

iOS 12 Battery Life Saving Tips & Tricks

Next connection type is Bluetooth and this is a setting that will definitely eat up a lot of battery. life if you aren’t using Bluetooth make sure that you don’t turn this one off from the control center. That will disconnect all of your connected Bluetooth devices but not turn off the Bluetooth so make sure that you turn it off via the menu. Should be all set a good indicator that Bluetooth is actually turned off is if you go back into the control center. You’ll see that the Bluetooth logo is completely crossed.

4G cellular menu is definitely one that you want to keep your eye on. More data you use the more battery life that is eaten up. Make sure that this is turned off if connected to Wi-Fi and also make sure that not all of your applications that are on your phone have access to data. Because they may be using data on the background without you even using the app.
One thing that you might not realize is a huge battery drain is the hey Siri feature. This feature is great but when your phone is always listening for that phrase it’s bound to eat up battery life . so to turn off this feature.  Go to the Siri venue and in the Settings app make sure that the hey Siri feature is turned off.
iOS 11 Battery Life Saving Tips & Tricks

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The last thing that I would change is the widgets page. Here I have five widgets that load in the background and these will all waste battery life. Make sure that you keep widgets to a minimum. I would only recommend having about three or four just to save battery life . If you have some loaded up and don’t really need them take those down. I hope this post will help you to keep your battery life more stable.


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