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iOS iCloud Activation Lock Bypass

iOS iCloud Activation Lock Bypass

If you having problems with icloud , special to activate your iphone ipad or ipod you have here one solution for all devices Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone or iPod) iCloud bypass solution for iOS 7.x to 7.1.2.

how this works?

this is a simple software developer by @minacrisOficial create an activation server for mac and windows that will allow you activate your iphone , ipad or ipod using older iOS 7.x. This works because of a security breach on icloud activation ticket, apple patch the bug in ios 8.x. Important note you can’t restore or update the device after bypass it, the carrier will not work no signal this is just icloud bypass no permanent solution.

  1. iCloud Bypass 7.x to 7.1.2 any Device Thetered (You need to bypass the device again on each reboot) using the software.
  2. iCloud bypass ONLY for iPad 2 any iOS version till 9.3.5 Tethered
  3. iCloud Bypass iOS 7.x to 7.1.1 Untethered for any Wifi Device

First, go to this webpage make payment, add your udid , it will be registered on server automatically after the payment. Activate your Device with the iCloud Bypass Tool Download for

(Windows / Mac)

it is possible to make this bypass Untether Method after jailbreak after the bypass jailbreak the iphone or ipad go to cydia and install iFILE ( cydia app ) open ifile and go to the mobile root files here you need to find the folder and completely remove the folder.

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