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iOS13 passcode bypass and icloud unlock MAC and WIN

New software to bypass icloud and unlock passcode devices with sim card working, is the most powerful Bypass Tool ever! Packed with dozens of features and a stunning user interface with this tool is now engineered to run on ANY MacOS version (High Sierra all the way up to Catalina!). Get it FREE here:

Download MAC version iBy0.dmg

ALternative tools ( mac and windows )

The Apple Tech 752 Bypass Tool (Sliver 4.2) was just released! Download it here for free!

windows version here for free!

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Compatibility: Supports all checkra1n-compatible passcode locked/disabled devices on iOS 12.2 to the latest version of iOS 13.x.x. Device needs to be activated already, cannot be iCloud Locked. I am working very hard with tons of other devs to finish the iCloud Locked cellular fix. Frequently Asked Question: Can I use the files of another activated device of the same model? No, the files are unique to every device by IMEI/SN/UDID, so they need to be from the same device. Frequently Asked Question: How can I fix the “Unlock iPhone to Use Accessories” error? If you get this popup, the best thing to do is let your device sit for an hour or two, which will hopefully reset BFU and the restricted usb access protocol. If this still does not fix it, you might want to try an older version of checkra1n. Some checkra1n versions work better than others, but it all varies device to device. If you’ve tried every possible version of checkra1n and you’re still getting this error, then my last suggestion is to boot MacOS High Sierra (not in VirtualBox but as a new OS). Booting MacOS on top of Windows is much harder than booting Linux, but it is possible. Pro Bangla has some great tutorials for how to do this. If you still have questions or want someone to help you, follow my twitter @mydevice4 and make a post.

iOS13 passcode bypass and icloud unlock MAC and WIN





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