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Iphone 7 IOS 10 glitches


Iphone 7 IOS 10 glitches


New Iphone 7 IOS 10 glitches  

Most of every new version of IOS have many glitches, most of the time apple fix all this problems, bugs or glitches. IOS 10 final firmware version and Iphone10 is out almost for 2 month now but we still have many bugs on the most advanced operation system for smart phones. This video made by everythingapplepro show you six incledible bugs and glitches you will be surprise to know .

We hope apple will fix most of the glitches because its very annoying and can be very frustrating trying to fix or remove apps after we fall it some ios10 bugs.

New Iphone 7 IOS 10 glitches

Iphone 7 IOS 10 glitches also can Piss Off iPhone Users With These 6 iPhone BUGS, Pranks. iOS 10 Compatible! Crash Any iPhone Glitch, Text Malware,  Apps & More Harmless Pranks.

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