Iphone glitch bypass passcode


Iphone glitch bypass passcode 

Is there some new Iphone glitch bypass passcode ipad ipod , it seems works in some models like iphone 5s , iphone 5 , i dont have any feed back this is working iphone 6 and ipads. Seems similar to others iphone glitch from last year. If you stuck on passcode try this new method. you need sire to do this.


  1. ask siri what time is it
  2. after siri tell you the hours just type clock icon
  3. once inside the clock go to chronometer area
  4. type when finish
  5. Buy more tunes
  6. Now will open itunes store layout
  7. press home button


This simple as that check the video to understand all steps.


Note: this may not work for you, like i sad will not work in all models .

Also you can try other glitch this one with the screen bug after you get a notification . for this one you will need send sms, or any other push notification. ofter you got the message grab the screen and you will be able to type many combination you want to try bypass screen lock with passcode.

bypass passcode with screen glitch

bypass passcode with screen glitch

this last video is also a new way to bypass passcode


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