iPhone Theft Protection PickPocket Cydia Tweak

iPhone Theft Protection PickPocket Cydia Tweak

let’s get started like usual I really don’t do many posts about Cydia tweet but it’s a pretty cool and powerful one and also an important one because if your iDevice was stolen you know it’s a pretty bad situation and this will prevent your iPhone being restored or erase. this will lock airplane mode option will actually going to let you disable/enable your airplane mode at certain spots on your device or whatever you want to do with yours iPhone security .  also, you can choose about passcode interaction doing that it just means after a certain amount of password attempts have been failed will play a sound or send you one email directly to your account.  many other things can be configured to prevent any person be able to reset or restore your iPhone with iTunes. will force your iDevice turned on until losing completely the battery .

iPhone Theft Protection PickPocket Cydia Tweak

pickpocket-app cydia

In this video, go through all the awesome features of this new iPhone iPad and iPod theft prevention tweak called PickPocket. Definitely, recommend this tweak to anyone worrying about their iPhone being stolen. Let me know what you guys think of it.




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