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iPower Adaptor to use with MFC Dongle unlock Apple iPhone IOS8

iPower Adaptor to use with MFC Dongle is needed if you need to unlock Apple iPhone IOS 8.x.x devices.

What is the smart phone passcode unlock dongle?

if your idevice is passcode locked only , there is online a new method to bypass original passcode. This seems home made electronic set with MFC Dongle, similar to IPBOX this seems real. I tool more time to unlock , it restart the device several times but the videos online proff they got success to unlock iphone 6 with ios 8. This Dongle was for sale already in ebay from chinese team but this week came with an update on youtube with new possibility to unlock ios 8. A screen lock passcode is a good security measure. If you forget the passcode, or have a locked device, this is  one last-resort solution.

Many people resetting the device which deletes all the data and reverts the device to factory settings. However, the Smart Phone Passcode Unlock Dongle with a special software solution will never lost or destroy the device Data which can get the passcode easily and automatically.

iPower Adaptor to use with MFC Dongle to unlock Apple iPhone IOS 8.x.x devices , you can check the prices in his webpage and you will be surprise, ofcourse this seems more to be used for mobile repair but also looks not so difficult to connect to the device. Also came with a computer software.


this new update have MFC Dongle V1.2.2 Turbo Mode Released
the teem eoemcc announce the release of MFC 1.2.2. This update adds new functionality to your MFC Dongle.
Add iOS 8.0-8.1 Auto V6 (World first New Solution Turbo Mode)
Can Auto Detect Passcode Attempted
Add new algorithm Auto adjust unlock speed (Per/Reboot input code 1 ~ 5 Times)
Add iOS 8.0-8.1 Auto V6 TEST – Learning mode

YOU CAN check this if you interested here: http://www.ipmart.com
If you looking to bypass iphone passcode maybe you interested in this info too.






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