Jailbreak RootlessJB for iOS11.3.1

JailbreakRootlessJB for iOS11.3.1. Jakeashacks release a working jailbreak rootless and it works absolutely flawless. A bunch of people using the rootless jailbreak says certain tweaks do work on iOS 11.3.1. RootlessJB

Jailbreak RootlessJB for iOS11.3.1
Jailbreak RootlessJB for iOS11.3.1

how to jailbreak?

  1. To jailbreak, turn on airplane mode and turn off WiFi. Usually takes a max of 3 tries.

  2. To ssh, get on your home WiFi network. Go to wifi in settings, click the options button next to your WiFi network and find your IP address. On Mac, do ssh root@yourip to ssh and enter alpine as your password.

  3. Only springboard tweaks work. Notification Center tweaks like [[Nine]] don’t seem to work for me.

  4. Filza has full access to /var. As stupid as this sounds, don’t go deleting things, including /var itself. You cannot execute commands with Filza, nor could you even with the write access in /var, because without a kpp bypass, execution is blocked.

  5. Watch Jake’s video on how to install tweaks: https://reddit.app.link/V9li9lrUjO

  6. Use the newest version of the rootless jailbreak. It’s more reliable and doesn’t get you in a respring loop. Either reboot or resprings within 10 seconds.

  7. There is a site out there which indexes all Cydia repos that I cannot post here because it contains all Cydia repos, meaning pirate tweaks can be downloaded. You’ll have to do the searching. Don’t use it for the wrong purposes, I’m using it download free tweak debs.

Hopefully, this post helps someone, leave any questions below. to fix any problems Uninstall jailbreak, reboot, install jailbreak again. download and used impactor to install

  • RootlessJB

Download jailbreak ios11.3.1 

Download Filza for RootlessJB



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