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New MacBook Pro review 2016

New MacBook Pro review 2016

The new MacBook Pro featuring Touch Bar – So much to touch – Apple

what struck me about apple’s new macbook pro was much more different than I expected I first saw during some online search hands on walk through the new macbook throw several days before apple’s launch event and was immediately clear this wasn’t just the same old macbook like the summer package with an CPU update . this iconic laptop headline here it the led display that sits above the keyboard it’s just 60 pixels high but it’s a tool that has the potential to be a Swiss army knife of laptop include kidding himself on the wide would trust if it happens imitating a series of tax cut was controlled sliders and even touch controller.

This is apple’s answer for the question of how to do a touch screen  without actually adding a touch screen. Aside from the touch pad the force touch trackpad blown up to double its previous size and now dominates part or laptop even more than before with force touch the pen doesn’t actually clicked out same space. The keyboard is a major departure for the macbook throw it looks and feels a lot like the very flat very shallow keyboard in the 12 inch macbook I like the tropics back but I would put in the same silent keyboard in the macbook pro is going to be a big learning curve for some and some people just never going to love. The bodies on these new 13 inch and 15 inch models available in traditional silver or now space gray are both a few millimeters thinner than before and each is a half pound lighter than the previous version. These are thinner in part because they only have to feeding you SPC port and a video output. Remember to get all your dongles. But don’t worry headphone Jack is still MacBook Pro.



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