New leaked doulci files


Today I saw in twitter, that some users was talking about new leaked 12mb files backup of /home directory from MerrukTechnolog and AquaXetine files i just use it in XAMPP and they look real from doulci team.

(Host message)

Welcome to doulCi ByPass Platform.



i will look better the files to understand what they are , and if they realy can be usefull  u can do it too, just download it.  After this I think to make some research of their files, and try do discover their method of bypass. Hope to catch something 😉 here are the files :

download files

how to use it :

How to install: 
  1. Download leaked
  2. Download xampp
  3. Put files to htdocs folder in XAMPP
  4. Edit hosts and add line:
  5. open  iTunes
  6. also add “localhost” at your browser to get server access





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