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PurpleRestore by Apple

PurpleRestore by Apple



This is a tool made by Apple is a very interesting tool, it can give you much more information about your device then you ever imagine , idevicetool team is try understand the quality of information in one special tool , PurpleSNIFF is a tool made by Apple to read identification and diagnostic information from the device. The tool is used by Apple engineers as well as factory workers included in the RestoreTools package. this package is used for flashing iDevices in apple shops . It provides far more customization than iTunes, and it is usually used to flash internal firmware . PurpleRestore 4.0.0b (beta build 11D903) is the latest known version which is capable of detecting devices running/flashing the latest restore bundles (Betas/Stock/NonUI/etc.). Little is currently known about which versions it “supports” for restoring as such. PurpleRestore is installed by RestoreTools.pkg. A CLI version of PurpleRestore exists too.

Works all devices (not tested in iphone 6)


Alternative download


This tool can (and is meant to) handle multiple restores. When performing restores PurpleRestore color coordinates the device in the table and when the device is about to receive the AppleLogo it will turn the background color of the screen to the color assigned to the device. Like iTunes, PurpleRestore communicates with iDevices using a usbmux connection.

here u can find all your device information

Fair Play Certificate

True certs

XML info

root files



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